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Welcome to Seraiah Farms', I have been breeding dairy animals for 20 years. Seraiah Farms' started in the early 90's with dairy cows breeding Jersey and Ayrshire cows. The goats came along to feed the show calves as goat's milk allows them grow faster than either cow's milk or replacer. After 2 years with the goats, it was clear that my passion had been found. The cows were sold and the goats remained on the farm.

The herd started with Alpines, and a Recorded Grade Alpine / LaMancha, from Woodlan-Acres.. Since then I have had all breeds, and settled on the Oberhasli and Toggenburgs, and a token Nigerian Dwarf or two. I have met some wonderful people through the years and have purchased several key animals from herds on the east and west coast.

My goats have come along way, with lots of help from a lot of people. To many people to thank, Welbian Farms, Cream of Kansas and Dragonfly Farm are certainly on the top of the list.

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Lynley, Assane, Waters
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Lynley, Assane, Wainani
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With the birth of my foundation doe Water's, that long level top line and extreme depth of body, and capacious mammary, she defiantly lifted the bar for me to mold the rest of the breeding program to make a highly competitive but yet highly functional animals. There have been several key animals in my foundation lines all of which are sorely missed

A personal thank you, to each visitor of the website and I hope you enjoy the animals you see as much as I do. They have been bred to the finest standards and I am very proud of each and every animal that lives here. Thank you for visiting Seraiah Farm's.

Photos courstesy of Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm.